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Product Design & Invention Prototypes

About T2 Design & Prototype

T2 Design has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. Click here to read the full report.

T2 Design Corporation President: Paul Berman

Paul Berman has over twenty five years of engineering, mechanical design and consumer product development experience. Paul and his company T2 Design perform product evaluation, conduct patent searches and have over two decades of experience in conceptual design, prototype construction, engineering for production, and manufacturing liaison. Paul has developed over one hundred fifty inventions, with over fifteen patents issued. Paul has extensive knowledge of patent law and the patent licensing process and has served as an expert witness on several patent infringement cases.
Paul’s experience also includes twelve years of computer aided aircraft and space structures design and integration. His work included research, computer aided design, stress analysis, selection of materials and conceptual design on the B-2 Stealth Bomber, NASA Galileo Jupiter Space Probe, F-20 Tiger Shark Fighter Plane, the SSMI Antenna, and the F-23 Advanced Tactical Fighter.

Click here for Paul Berman’s Complete Resume

A summary of products that were developed by T2 Design


1. Fast Track Tie Rack (Electric Tie Rack for the Closet)
2. Big Joe (Large pour over coffee maker fits almost all cups and carafes)
3. Drop Stop (prevents objects from falling into automobile crevices)
4. The Perfect Order Drawer Organizer (honeycomb drawer organizer)
5. Body Align (posture development chair)
6. Affinitea Instant Tea Brewer (custom brews a cup of tea in under 30 seconds)
7. The Aculever Psoas Muscle Release and Massager Tool (physical therapy tool for lower back, legs, and hips)
8. The Stove Top Grill (just like it sounds)
9. The Moon Mug (keeps drinks cold for hours)
10. Seasonart (season rack and dispenser)
11. Piggybanker (electronic piggy bank)
12. The Stove Top Waffle Iron
13. The Zero Max Cat Litter Box (by Booda Products, Inc)
14. The Swiss Cooking Tool (multi function cooking utensil)
15. The Great Divide ( expandable drawer organizer)
16. The Foot Massager (electric foot massager)
17. The Woblong (throwing toy)
18. Turbo Wash (automobile washing wand)
19. The Puppet Kooler (character shaped drink holder)
20. Dispensa Plate (paper plate dispenser)
21. Dispensa Filter (coffee filter dispenser)
22. Digital Wall Switch Timer for A.M.F.
23. Record Frame (hang your record album on the wall)
24. Front Spoiler for Ford Explorer
25. Front Spoiler for Toyota Forerunner
26. Pepper-Mate Pepper Sprayer (a pepper sprayer for joggers)
27. The Box Seat (promotional item)
28. The Rally Rattle ( Arizona Diamond Backs Cheering Rattle)
29. Tech Tray (A cell phone holder that adapts to any automobile cup holder)
30. One Touch Self Cleaning Pet Brush (push button hair ejection from bristles)
31. Bob’s Staple Box (plastic box for carrying and dispensing roofing staples)
32. Skids (in-line front skate brake)
33. Airline Headphones (pneumatic transmission type)
34. The Gripper (coiled rubber silverware grip)
35. The Knit Kit (integrates seven essential knitting accessories)
36. In Your Face (flexible viewbase is ideal for hands-free video viewing and cell phone users)
37. Headline It! (a disposable high tech liner for hats, helmets and wigs)
38. Barbeclaw (Barbecue utensil combines fork and tongs)
39. Clip ‘n’ Go Mints (mints packaging clips to key ring)
40. Clip ‘n’ Go Gum (gum packaging clips to key ring)
41. Clip ‘n’ Go Lenz (contact lens case clips to key ring)
42. Reviver (a disposable clothing wipe that eliminates odor)
43. Universal Tree Topper Adapter (a better way to attach a Christmas tree topper to the tree)
44. Dilotrax Dynamic Hand Traction System (a flexor/extensor tendon repair splint)
45. Selner TX Adjustable Orthotic (rotate the dial to select from 19 positions)
46. Selfie Cork (turns a bottle into a monopod that supports your cell phone)
47. The Jury Case (A jury selection organizer)
48. RokShok (A smart phone case that presents an engagement ring)
49. Toggle Leash (A combination dog leash and collar that toggles on and off)
50. Exactac (Picture hanging tool aligns and levels pictures and holds hooks & nails while hammering)
51. Tea Magic (Blends and Brews four types of Tea)
52. Leave It Leash (Combines leash with water bowl and sprayer to deter off-leash dogs)
53. Coil Quick Sewer Hose Cap (Makes it easy to compress and store your sewer hose in your RV)
54. Sound Memory (picture frame with voice chip -sold patent rights only)
55. My Bed Bug Finder (Detects the presence of Bed Bugs and connects to cell phone app)
56. ClickBack Case (a cell phone case with interchangeable backs)

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