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Product Design & Invention Prototypes

Over twenty five years of engineering and mechanical design experience, including fifteen years of invention development, consumer product design, engineering (including work on the Stealth B-2 Bomber and the Galileo Jupiter Space Probe) and project management experience. T2 Design was featured on the ABC’s hit TV series AMERICAN INVENTOR, executive produced by Simon Cowell. Freemantle hired Berman and his company, T2 Design, to design and construct two of the twelve semi-finalist invention prototypes.

Berman’s expertise is in invention design, engineering, prototyping and product evaluation. He oversees patent searches, conceptual design, package engineering, and prototype construction. Paul Berman has led the development of over one hundred fifty products, with eighteen patents issued. He has extensive knowledge of patent law and the patent licensing process. Berman has twelve years of computer aided aircraft and space structures design and integration, involving research, conceptual design, selection of materials, stress analysis, and detailed drawings.

Professional Experience

T2 Design Corporation, (President) 1991 to present

Berman and his company oversee the entire development of an invention from idea to managing the research, design, and engineering. Inventions and consumer products developed include an array of diverse sporting goods, pet, toy and baby products, housewares, automotive parts, tools and electronics. T2 Design conducts manufacturing liaison with manufacturers in China and the United States.

Berman and his company T2 Design have managed the development of over one hundred fifty new products, performing conceptual design, mechanisms design, structures analysis engineering, and detailed computer aided design. Berman supervises mechanical engineers, industrial designers, prototypers, manufacturers, patent attorneys, package designers and electronics engineers. Berman served as an expert witness in two patent infringement cases and is a lecturer on product development.

Hughes Aircraft Company, Space & Communications Group (Senior Design Engineer) 1989 to 1990

Computer aided design of communications satellite structure using CADAM.

Apogee Productions, Incorporated (Senior Design Engineer) 1989

Design, manufacturing liaison and structural and dynamic analysis of a truss structure and counterweight using AutoCAD for a fifty foot tall vertical camera system for Universal Studios theme park.

Northrop Corporation (Senior Design Engineer) 1981 to 1989

Computer aided design for the YF-23 Advanced Tactical Fighter and the B-2 (Stealth) Bomber. Design of aluminum fuselage structures for the F-20 fighter.

Hughes Aircraft Company, Space and Communications Group (Engineer) 1978 to 1981

Design integration for the Galileo Jupiter Probe including development of the thermal protection system and scientific instrumentation. Design of RF shielding enclosure for a communications satellite (Leasat).


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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