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Product Design & Invention Prototypes

workThe Invention Process

Each year thousands of new consumer inventions are offered in the marketplace, many of them developed by individual inventors or small firms. But regardless of the invention, each has gone through a series of steps that ensure that only the products most likely to succeed reach large scale distribution. There are pitfalls everywhere, so it is essential to have an experienced product development team on your side.

Patent Searching and Product Evaluation

Before spending time and money developing and protecting your invention you should be confident that it has the opportunity to become commercially successful. We will help you decide whether the expense of building a prototype and seeking patent protection is worthwhile. A thorough patent search is an important element in the product evaluation process, and T2 Design will conduct a professional patent search and provide a written patentability report from a patent attorney. Most new product ideas actually stop at this stage, after only token expenses have been incurred. T2 Design & Prototype has vast experience weighing the factors you must consider before continuing to the more complex, but essential, stages of product development: design, prototyping, patenting and manufacturing.

Prototyping, Designing, and Testing Your Idea

A commercially successful invention must be well designed, it must be more than just a good idea. Its design should minimize manufacturing costs, be eye catching and functional, and work to maximize durability. T2 Design & Prototype understands the connection between product design and prototyping and how they work together to enhance the likelihood of success.
At T2 Design & Prototype we use computer aided design (CAD) to create, style, simulate and perfect your product design before fabricating and assembling your prototype. You will be able to view and approve the final prototype design, in 3D, before parts are fabricated using rapid prototyping methods including 3D printing and CNC machining, and then assembled in our shop.  Your prototype can then be used for functional and marketability testing before final engineering modifications are made for mass production manufacturing. T2 Design & Prototype is intimately involved with the creative process and holds many patents for its innovative work.

The Silver Platter Approach

1. Design, engineer and style an appealing, and easy to use prototype.
2. Design attractive and functional packaging that quickly conveys the product intent.
3. Obtain patent, trademark and or copyright protection as appropriate.
4. Produce CAD engineering files for mass production.
5. Obtain quotations for mass production tooling cost and unit cost.
6. Source factory production facilities in the United States or Asia.

We can produce all you need to offer your invention to consumers or businesses on a silver platter.

Your ability to license an invention on favorable terms is enhanced when you offer a manufacturer or marketer everything they need to make a prompt and appropriate decision. At T2 Design & Prototype we have developed the concept of the Silver Platter Approach. By using this method you are likely to receive professional and informed treatment of your new product idea. Let our experience in completely developing a product help you present your invention on a Silver Platter.

These are the elements of our approach and represent a good goal for you to work toward. T2 Design & Prototype can assist you with any or all of these tasks.

What will it cost to design and prototype your invention?

Most products developed by T2 Design cost between $2,000 and $20,000 to design and prototype. Complex items, particularly those with custom designed electronics, are more expensive to develop. Important factors that determine the cost are: mechanical complexity, electronics requirements, the need for customized parts, and molding requirements.

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